100 Days

100 days left in 2020!
What a year so far!
Full of constant surprises!
Like a game of whack-a-mole!

This year
I saw clearly
the silos, the private pods
the micro-chasms
that we are ALL living in

A few folks reside in my silo
a few in your silo too
while some are living solo

It’s been a year
of healthy disruptions
of BIG learnings
directly from
our one & only true teacher
my greatest Guru
our Mother Nature

Unprecedented learning environment
new and unique terrains
no middle’man’ this year
no priest, no church
no school
go home, go within
go reflect on your inner being

This year
Mother Nature is forcing us
to be comfortable
with our seclusion
to face our inner chaos
to unmask ourselves
in front of our private mirror

This is unsettling some
settling others
resetting us all
recalibrating us
hopefully putting us
on a more sustainable path

You and I
are experiencing
the true meaning
of ‘adaptation’
the first law of Mother Nature

Closely followed by
‘let go of control’
‘live in the moment’
’in the Here and Now’
‘you are enough’

Allow Mother Nature
Da High Priestess
to surround you

Become a feminine receptacle
allow Her
to enter you
to fill you within

The All Powerful Divine Feminine
Mother Nature
rules in mysterious ways

Don’t question her
don’t resist her
dare only to understand her

Surrender to her vibes
allow her
to consume you
to cleanse you

Align yourself
with her ways
with her waves
ride them when she offers
to reach higher ground

Align yourself
with her pace
it’s her race
slow down when she commands
take a moment to breathe
don’t chase after your future
its not here yet

Align yourself
with her creations
engaging more intimately
with her trees & her lakes
her mountains & her skies
the Sun, the moon & the stars

Activate your artist within
explore your creative expression
bringing it alive
as your living meditation
attaining your living salvation

Align yourself
with your inner Nature
be intuitive, trust your gut
as you go within, intimate yourself
with your own truth

Nobody can tell you your truth
you should know what’s right for you
your truth is your’s alone
my truth is mine alone
Truth is intimately personal
keep your own counsel

Realize clarity inside
before you converse
with the world around you
so we can talk meaningfully
honorably, peacefully & respectfully
without misunderstanding
or imposing on each other

Grasp the dualism of existence
be at peace with your deepest emotions
without feeding on external distractions
be at peace with your inner world
before you peacefully engage
with the world outside

This year is a year of amplification
of personal growth
of inner activism
as within, so outside
as above, so below

Inner peace is the way to World peace

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