Welcome to the Living Fossil Community!

I am an artist and my calling is to express Nature’s beauty and evoke respect for it, by attempting to translate Nature’s living works into fossilized artworks.

My art, my countless creative journeys, my mind's many explorations and my extensive energetic experiences are revealed in the expression of my Life, a masterpiece in the making ...... 

Creating art with natural foliage keeps me beautifully intertwined with Nature, which is The One and Only Creative Authority. Connected with Nature, I am constantly experiencing the beauty and healing energies of Nature, in turn, expressing those in my life, my relationships and my artworks.

I experience the constant yet fleeting tender moments of celebration and beauty in Nature through it’s leaves and flowers, buds and barks, tendrils and trunks. I eternalize those by fossilizing them into artistic little Nature Portals that heal my mind and my spirit from the mundane stressors of the human condition.

I bring the songs of her leaves and the poems of her trees to those of us who believe in these faded, but not forgotten melodies, and care to listen to them softly with our awakening spirits. Introspection comes easy when surrounded by Nature, keeping our inner selves blissfully peaceful, harmonious and healthy and eternally unburdened and unfiltered.

I experience the unedited version of Nature and use art as a tool to fuel enlightenment and self empowerment in my circle of audience, aiming to connect with you, to help you reconnect with your unedited, unfiltered, kind and precious core, to believe in yourself and to seek the deep wisdom of your inner being to guide your life choices. This will help you walk taller in your own truth and live more conscientiously and mindfully.

My life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling when I invite you into my Universe, with a promise to infuse, enlighten and empower you, and awaken your deep inner selves ….. so you too can re-experience peace, meaning, joy and energy on a constant basis.

I use art as my medium for spreading the philosophy of Self-Enlightenment and Self-Empowerment. My blogs, my art and my upcoming online gallery tours and discourses will help you decode the millions of years old hidden memories in your genetic code, by rekindling and reawakening your beautiful selves by gaining awareness of some helpful philosophies and perspectives, so you too can create a masterpiece out of your own self! You are enough.

Creative driving forces behind my body or work are Trees, Nature, Emotions, Sensuality, Symbolism, Health, Science, Philosophy, and Theology. I borrow from my Eastern upbringing and my vast travel experiences, both in mind, body and energetically. The uniqueness of my technique is in the way I integrate natural foliage and other natural elements in most of my paintings. All the flowers and leaves and buds and tendrils are delicately handpicked and dried naturally with lots of tender loving care. Some of my rare foliage collection dates back to 1995, while my exotic foliage collection is sourced from special locations on this planet. Working with natural elements has always been a meditative process for me. It has kept me connected to Nature in it’s purest, most complex and most abstract form, while the strokes of my brush gives a more substantive expression to my life and spirituality. My childhood was spent designing with natural elements of the forest, so, reintroducing these into my life has brought back memories of my beautiful and peaceful past. I feel like a child again!

Years ago, I was born in Darjeeling to parents who were nature lovers, artists and intellectuals. My dad was a pilot in the Army, and my mom was a teacher-librarian and a spiritualist. My dad’s frequent postings allowed my little brother and I to experience several exotic topographies in India. After marriage, I moved to Boston-MA. I’ve also lived in Birmingham-AL, but am currently single again and happily raising my beautiful twin sons in River Forest, a very green suburb of Chicago-IL. Check out my house of 20 years www.147Gale.info

My professional training has been in finance and business, but a few years ago, I heeded to my calling and realigned and reprioritized my life by reaching out to like-minded folks and started spreading my message of self-enlightenment and empowerment, and impacting their life, one moment at a time.

I am active in my local nonprofits and was on the Board of a century old art’s organization, am a docent at my local Conservatory, and a co-owner of my local food co-operative.

Come join me on my online portal. I am a newbie here! This website was birthed in July 2020 (yay!) but it took me years to get here! Initially I was shy to allow folks to peer into my personal life, but after friends started asking me to blog and share it with them on a more consistent basis, I feel ready to reach out to a wider audience in general. I want to share my story with you, how my journey of self-enlightenment through introspection opened up endless possibilities for me, and how some basic wisdom and insight and a few powerful adjustments have transformed me and are helping me reach my highest potential..... it’s a journey. This year of 2020 has helped spread my mission of self-reflection and connecting with Nature.

I believe that together we can liberate each other from our trappings. We are not in it alone. We are in this journey together, connected at some deep 5D level, living a shared dream reality. We ARE a Collective Creative Life Force! So join, enjoy and actively participate in your Living Fossil community. Engage and connect with me. Share your thoughts. Leave a comment or two for all to read and learn from. It’ll energize me and also help me know your specific interests.

Trees keep me breathing
Love keeps me alive
Nature keeps me high
Science keeps me grounded
Health is my quest
Healing is my calling
Philosophy, my coffee
People, my sweet struggle
Humanity my hope
and Art my relief.
So Thank You God!

- Artist Sun Deep