In this blog, I want to share with you how I try to creatively blend some exciting dichotomies that I’ve experienced in my life. This particular example is my perspective on co-creation, and how I balance the two equally strong and opposing perspectives of my existence in relation to the larger Universe. I have chosen to permanently house this dichotomy, by incorporating it in my algorithm of daily living.

I am the Epicenter of my Universe
exploring, experimenting, experiencing Life
and it’s complex intricate alternate realities

I am an experience junkie
touching, stretching, expanding my extremities
with a clear, alert and creative mind
without drugs or alcohol
guided by goals of healthy, balanced living

I am The Perception Center
I am the Captain of my Ship
I am the Designer of my Life
...... as are You, of Yours

I am Insignificant in our Universe
What I do or don’t do
doesn’t really matter much
in the grand scheme of things

Grand Canyons are a living monument & testimony
to the billions who came before me
and to the billions who will come after me
I stand here humbly,
soaking in the minusculity of my existence

Despite this realization of insignificance
I stand tall with complete confidence in the knowing
that I continue to be the center of MY Universe
and it is MY responsibility alone
for living my life conscientiously!

We all stand together
with all living beings in this Universe
including the plants and the planets
the animals and the cosmos (seen and unseen)
empowered in the knowing
that we are all the Centers of our Universes,
and humbled in the knowing
that there are gazillions of us!

Along with God, our original creator,
and His Divine Laws that run The Universe today,
we too are the Co-Creators now
of this vast and beautiful ocean
of our grand and expanding Universe

It is our utmost duty
to do an optimal and honorable job
of this responsibility of our lifetimes.
So help us God.

~ Sundeepa ~

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