I am responsible .....

I was raised to be responsible for the well-being of humanity. Today I release myself to do what’s right by me

I am responsible for loving myself before I care for the ones I love

I am responsible for my own happiness

I am responsible to follow my own heart

I am responsible to feed my own spirit

I am responsible to grow and align my creative spirit and to allow myself the freedom of my unique expression

I am responsible for mustering my own courage to do what’s right by me as I take risks for the right reasons

I am responsible for deciding when the timing is right for me, and for creating my own opportunity for change and choosing my next adventure

I am responsible for providing fluidity in my course, to pursue what takes after my heart and to course correct if my lifestyle is not serving my spirit

I am responsible for finding my own right path and for carving it forward

I am responsible for my own mental and emotional hygiene, as much as for my physical fitness and hygiene

I am responsible for knowing myself fully and truly by listening to my inner voice through self reflection and contemplation

I am responsible for understanding and befriending my fears and for learning and growing from them

I am responsible for realizing my own purpose and for creating my own meaning and magic in life

I am responsible for keeping my heart space open to receiving

I am responsible for seeing beauty in myself and creating my own program for self love

I am responsible for nourishing myself daily by harnessing power from Nature and daily simple pleasures

I am responsible for routinely treating myself to a hike in the Forest and carving out time to observe and enjoy the various phases of the moon, and to soak in the morning sun and powering up my solar plexus

I am responsible for cleaning, balancing, and rejuvenating my energy portals and channelizing my energies into my own unique, exotic & free creative expression

I am responsible for embracing and living my special uniqueness and maintaining my authenticity so that I have only my sincerest self to offer to others

I am responsible for figuring out all the facets of me .... the artists in me, the poet, the writer, the mother, the nurse, the healer, the devotee, the confidant, the entrepreneur, the seductress, the curator, the thinker, the humanitarian, the dancer, the rapper, the explorer, the badass, the lover, the Nature addict, the naive, the beggar, the rock, the water, the mountain, the tree, the fish, the bird, the reptile, the bee, the ant, the alien, the familiar, the indifferent, the floater, the hunter, the gatherer, the hoarder, the donor, and the energetic woman I am today

I am responsible for understanding myself as I am intrinsically, without labels

I am responsible for graciously accepting, appreciating and celebrating my evolving wholesome self

I am responsible for passionately living up exactly whosoever I am, by living my essential self everyday 

I am responsible for being true to myself and for living a golden life that’s very clear only to me

I am responsible for Living Conscientiously with awareness and understanding

I am responsible for my redemption and living salvation

I am here and now and I begin today ....

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