Thou Art Imperfectly Human

Seven years ago, I created the Peacock Lady. It is about a creature that is in the process of evolution, emotionally, biologically, and physically.

My Peacock Lady was inspired by Shel Silverstein’s poem ....
“She has blue skin
  and so did he.
  He kept it hid
  and so did she.
  They searched for blue
  their whole life through.
  Then passed right by
  and never knew.”

This poem shone light in me, how I was ‘disallowed’ to proudly wear my blue skin in the limited crowd/club I was living in. So I decided to explore my lifestyle, by openly wearing my blue skin in public. I returned to Chicago, separated from my legal husband, picked up art, made new and diverse friends, finally divorced, and slowly learned to walk in my Truth.

Art ushered me into the brave room. Taught me not to be afraid of failing or being so called ‘imperfect’. Less than compelling art on museum or gallery walls makes us feel better because we can do it too attitude .... restores our confidence in ourselves, with all our imperfections.

Art has taught me the importance of all emotions and their role in completing the complex human being I am. The wider the variety of menu of emotions, the more complex an individual, hence more potential to be a creative and creator. It’s beautyful. Art makes you feel beautiful inside. It uplifts you’re attitude towards the so called dark emotions of pain, suffering, loss, grief and sorrow.

Art has allowed me to stop and reset my emotions in a more balancing way, introducing me non judge-mentally, and non threateningly, to see, experience, and adopt someone else’s dark emotions or overwhelming joy, that I dared not experience myself. Art allows us to gently slip into another’s so called ‘misfitting’ or daring shoes and allows us to balance our own step in life. We don’t feel a misfit, rather we feel more complete. It’s all about emotions, kinks, weirdness. We find freedom in recognizing and beautifully accepting our own blue skins, when we see beauty on the canvas of peacock lady. It frees us from our trappings. It allows us to walk proudly in our blue skins. It aligns us with our own unique inner superpowers. Art draws us in on a subconscious level.

Art is my very intimate affair with that person inside me. An artist’s canvas throws light on our own vulnerabilities, our missings, our lacks and what we have been alienated or disconnected from or lost touch with. It helps us understand ourselves with all our lackings and accept ourselves in our wholeness and this allows us to self-heal. It is sensual in it’s intimateness.

Thou art imperfect yet intimately humane.”
(pun intended in Old English) .... the Pope publicly recognized this beautiful truth yesterday!

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