Self Love

We are in the eight month of Covid Pandemic and partial lockdowns. Beyond the threat of catching the virus, more folks continue to lose their businesses and face joblessness. We are experiencing a mental health crisis of unprecedented proportions.

I am sharing with you, a poem I wrote four years ago, in hopes that some of you will find strength and inspiration to practice self love and do what is necessary, to stay mentally healthy, despite your negative circumstances.

          - January 2017
Even if folks don't see
the truth in your actions today,
keep plodding on
with a silent determination.
For only you know
the integrity of your intent.
Even if you have lost
the energy to carry on,
don't lose the faith.
Just keep walking
through the thicket of life.
Even if you see
dark clouds above
as you walk through
your garden of life,
keep your focus
on those far away edges
of the clouds.
For that's where
the silver light shines.
Eventually, with time,
your steps will deliver you
to brighter pastures.
Even if you have lived
your best so far,
and your life carries on
without an end in sight,
be grateful
for the incredible luck
that you've had so far,
and stop only
to share your story with others,
to inspire them to plod on.
Even if sometimes you feel
that you've seen it all,
and can intuitively predict
the crux
of what's going to happen next,
be curious still.
Because life IS full of surprises
and you don't want to miss out
on any one of them
million fleeting miracles
constantly popping up
all around you!
Even if you don't have
a desperate need
to tenaciously hang on
to your precious life,
don’t let go, simply because you can.
Hang on!
for all the above reasons,
and also because
your life may be offering someone
a hope to live on!
Even if you no longer seek
anyone's approval,
nor have to prove your love
to anyone anymore,
continue to live,
and to love yourself.
For, this may be the next
greatest love affair
you'll ever experience!
It feels beautiful
to be loved by someone.
And it's even more beautiful
to love someone so intensely.
But more beautiful still,
is to love yourself fully,
despite having known yourself most intimately, forever!
Hide not,
from your dark corners
or crevices.
Blame not
your own genetic makeup,
nor the environment
you were raised in.
were your temples of yesterday
that deliver your essence today.
Be thankful
for where you are today.
And be grateful
for who you are today.
And for what you have become.
Or else,
you, my love,
wouldn't have come this far
to hear this poem today!
And you must agree
That the truest testimony
to kindness, understanding,
acceptance and compassion
IS self love.
For there isn't
another like you.
Nor will there ever be,
someone so deserving
to be loved so fully.
the only true testimony.
Of your love affair with yourself,
so beautifully intimate,
that you live with your beloved
every moment
of your loving and living.
without a break.
Oh please!
caress yourself sensually
in ways only you can feel beautiful inside.
Without hesitation,
nor guilt,
nor shame.
Oh please!
slowly kiss your insecurities goodbye
and gently assuage all your fears
by the stroke of your hidden hand.
So hidden even from you,
that you may doubt
if it is actually a stroke of destiny!
Oh please!
Continue to believe
in self empathy and self care
and continue
to love yourself actively.
If you ever do pause,
be that only to smile
at the subtle sensualities
of your romance of a lifetime
with your own true self
Self love
is sweeter
than any other love story
you'll ever read
and more exciting, invigorating
inspiring and empowering
than any great movie you'll ever watch!
For the plot of this one,
though seemingly in your very own hands
Escapes you frequently!
Just as does Life's
even though you have experienced it
for many years!
Wouldn't you say,
that this unpredictability
is a beautiful element
of any love story?
of not knowing
what's going to happen next!
And especially when
you are playing both characters!
The lover and the beloved.
And what about
that creepy little self-doubt?
that you may be incapable
of fully and truly loving yourself?
Maybe because you intimately know all the flaws of your character...?
Don’t let that make you question the validity of self love!
And what about The PLOT
in your own journey of self love?
Oh no!
Don't even try predicting it!
Because no matter how wise, analytical and intellectual your mind,
it cannot fully grasp The Plot.
Nor can you fully control it.
But even then,
don't loose your motivation for self love!
And what if
you cannot find sweet solace
or a permanent guarantee
that your love affair with yourself will last you forever?
Still don’t lose confidence in the concept of self love.
Regrets may set in
And so may embarrassments and shame
that your life isn’t turning out the way you had planned.
Or that your self love today is not enough,
or it is less than desired.
Still, do not quit on your journey of self love!
None of these shaky little pests
give you the license to be harsh on yourself!
Just because you can be!!?
unchecked, unnoticed by others?
Oh no. No no!
Embarking on a journey
committed to true self-love
is not as easy as you may think!
It may be your life's biggest challenge that you may ever face!
But it may also be the most exclusively rewarding experience your spirits can ever soak in and soar in!
Only if you shall dedicate yourself to your journey of self-love.
Become your own devotee.
Commit yourself fully
to loving yourself.
Without the presence of a single witness.
Nor anybody's glorious testimony.
Don't gauge your self love
from the eyes of another.
For they may mistake it as selfishness!
Just Believe!
in the higher purpose of self love.
Just Believe!
In the wholesomeness of it.
Just Believe!
In the sacred holiness of such focused energy.
Just Believe!
In the experience of being truly human, through self love first.
Even in the absence of any good logic.
Because none is required.
Nor is any criticism.
For Self Love is a one-way street.
That YOU walk alone.
Always only alone.
With full beauty and grace,
till you reach your unmarked grave.
So even if they tell you anything otherwise today,
Baby, don't listen to their reasons.
For no matter WHO they are,
they shall never experience your life,
no matter how beautiful it is 😁
Life is beautiful alright!
For all the self love you've put in so far.
And trust yourself,
When I tell you,
it can be far more beautiful still!

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  • Human beings
    are living fossils too
    with tons of emotions
    all in full view

    Self Love, self preservation
    selfish behavior and what not
    are just a manifestation
    of a process of thought

    The interpretation changes
    As per an individual need
    Our wants, desires
    our wish to succeed

    the rich are eccentric
    the poor whimsical
    the behavior is same
    the interpretation comical

    all relationships are temporary
    all through our lives
    parents, kids, friends, relatives
    even husbands, lovers and wives

    So hang on to it
    Self love is all you got
    We are alone on this journey
    Like it or not

    Anil C

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