love is
not wanting to change

love is
seeing everything
but understanding just enough

loving all
as it is, in the here and now
just sitting in it

don’t walk on the crutches of your beliefs
just sit in quietness

no need to believe in anything
just sit in no belief

no wish pending
all‘s peaceful
so just sit here and now
and maybe forever

of course! I am here and now
I always was!
I always will be!

this is it!
I ‘am’ arrived!
this I sit

just realized that I had ‘arrived’ everyday,
since the day I arrived!
so had said Nanak too
Ha! so now I finally sit

also I know now
that everyday I will have ‘arrived’
so I can simply sit it out

Ha again! for all the preparations for my future,
that I could’ve simply sat through....
oh well! it was worth the entertainment

my eye is opened, I am awakened
feeling so light, so loved
as I sit and rest

I have tasted
the deliciously bland
and nothing could bee sweeter

at a point so secure
no need to return or look back
nothing’s left behind
that should have been here

sitting empty of baggage
onboard and onwards
on my personal journey

no need for another
but if they wish a seat next to mine,
no need to deny them of my company either 😁

life never tasted so good
for no good reason
simply sitting
in my good thoughts

ah yes!
it’s time to sit......

amidst the fluttering butterflies
through the furious storms

in your delicate sentiment
besides the crackling fire

in the long shadows
made by people’s tall egos

sit through
their daily complains
and dramatic hurts

sit through
your wedding bells
and theirs too

sit through
their crumbling faith from years of misguidance
holding your own hand,
as they hold yours too

sit tight
through their failing health from years of neglect
holding their hand,
as they grip yours tightly

sit by
the window of your life
watching the years fly by ........
and flocks of folks fly by ....

never would you have felt this way ....
had you not sat peacefully
in your own company ....

feel free to sit gracefully
allowing the rest to simply be
as I set myself free .....



  • Very well written. 2 gud 👍

    Sanju Laroia
  • As I sat and read thoughts came to my mind .no need to run .rush just to enjoy day by day and sit but to wait just because we want to sit and be at peace.

    Maria dominguez

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