The Algorithm

Hey there!
Are you awake?
Are you aware?
Are you here in the now?

Hey you!
Where in the Matrix are you?
Hey! Listen!
Wake up!

Come with me!
Let’s go....
on an investigative ride
into yourself

Check the weather!
No, not the one outside.
Check your mental status!
Your internal makeup......
Are you a puppet?
Or are you an awakened spirit?

Since the time of Buddha,
We are trying to Awaken
Trying to Enlighten
Guru Nanak tried the same
To wake up the sleeping masses

What’s your alarm set on?
What is your Algorithm?
How do you plan to live your life?

Do you want to be a puppet to someone else’s algorithm?
Is your algorithm a summation of other people’s algorithm? Ha!
Or are you designing your own original, living, dynamic algorithm?

Why should we have an original, self-designed Algorithm?

Have you seen Netflix’s ‘Original’ Series?
Netflix also has a series ‘Because you watched’
Have you been ‘recommended’ YouTube videos?
Does Facebook ‘recommend’ you certain posts and pages based on your browser history?
They pay millions of $s
(if not billions!)
to create that algorithm!
they are spending millions to perfect it every day!

What’s the value of your original algorithm for your own life?

Mine is worth my entire life’s worth!
It’s worth my peace of mind
It’s worth my confidence in my convictions in a shit storm
It’s worth the weight of my mental anchor in choppy waters
It’s worth my ability to tune up the decibels on my own counsel in a crowd of noise
It’s worth the clarity with which I see myself in my own mirror
It’s worth my capacity for kindness I have for myself and others in our journeys
It’s worth my power to give undivided, compassionate and full attention to my passions
It’s worth my sense of self responsibility to live conscientiously
And above all, it’s worth my willingness and passionate conviction to carry and maintain a balance between the healthy dichotomies I house inside me.....

I can write a book on this .... but I’ll just leave you with a bit of what I wanna share ....

When we are born, our parent’s algorithms defines how they’ll parent us and what we will experience at their hands.

If they are ‘closed minded’, as in, they are pretty sure what’s wrong and pretty sure what’s right, as is ‘prescribed’ in some books, then we are most likely bound to be ‘closed minded’, till we get to some (hypno)therapist in our adult life and learn self hypnosis to undo and rewrite our (preprog)damned algorithm!

There’s no big harm being closed minded.... we can still end up doing lots of community service and good to others while being closed minded. We can also enjoy some harmonious relationships. But we’ll just not have an original algorithm. Just that! Life will be that bit a little less meaningful in your alone moments. Just that! You would not have optimized your creativity or creative potential in life. You might be comfortable only in your own silo and less understanding or adaptive to other terrains. Just that! That’s all the difference.

And God forbid we end up falling in love with someone with an original, living, evolving algorithm. We will have a hard time understanding them, and our relationship will not evolve as much as the other person evolves in our relationship. Our relationship will either have a predictable expiry date. Or, if we remain in that relationship past it’s expiry date, it might get toxic, so the children we parent, might experience that toxicity within the relationship....

However, if we have ‘open minded’ parents or caretakers who have figured out their own original algorithm, we might just have a slightly different life ..... we might not have a need to search for any meaning. Living itself, in all its vagaries, would be completely satisfying and meaningful enough. Our internal anchor might not bob around aimlessly. We might be able to ground a lot more people around us. We might just become their anchors. We might raise grounded kids. We might just walk on a bit more firmer ground, with a bit more peace in our heads, more love and kindness and compassion in our hearts, and confidence of steel in our feet. The journey might be a bit more satisfying. Life might be a bit more fulfilling on a routine daily basis, and we may just be a bit more grateful. Just that! Thank you for reading this far..... it’s been quite an interesting journey. Where is your living algorithm taking you next?


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  • I am me,
    my own best friend,
    my own worst enemy,
    I need to be me,
    I need to become my own friend,
    I need to become comfortable with me,
    accept me just the way I am,
    accept me as a package,
    accept my good and my bad,
    work on myself,
    every living moment,
    to be in harmony with me,
    I am me,
    I need to be me,
    who am I
    if I am not me?

    Anil C

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